Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eddie's Place

If you want a place that serves breakfast all day and some NOLA influence...and have time to spend... Eddie's is your place...

We went to Eddie's later in the day after the regular Sunday church crowd and took a seat near the bar (because football was on, of course). Eddie's had several drink specials and we settled on the $1.50 Miller Lites. From the first glance of the menu, it had just about anything anyone could possibly want... from all-day breakfast, Po'Boys, to Low Country fare. I ended up getting the She-Crab Soup and the half Muffalatta (being the NOLA theme). The spouse settled for the egg breakfast platter (with sausage patties, grits and biscuit). Not to forget - we started with fried pickles.

The pickles came out fast and they were hot. They were sliced in chip form and were cleanly fried. Not overly greasy like I have had before but super salty. The soup was next. I am a big fan of She Crab soup and order it anywhere I can. I have only found super great She Crab in Charleston and nothing that compares. I will say that the She Crab soup at Eddie's was good but not comparable to Charleston's She Crab. It says that its award winning... but I found that I needed to add some salt and pepper and the crab was lacking. It did not have the big crab lumps that I am used to when I order the soup in Charleston. Finally - our meals came. My Muffalatta was big! For those who don't know - a Muffalatta is a NOLA born sandwich, made with genoa salami, mortadella, ham, swiss cheese and olive tapenade salad. The sandwich was flavorful and piled with meat. The olive was suptle but gave a nice after-bite and complemented the spices of the meat. The sandwich was on ciabatta bread that was nicely toasted and not overly hard and crunchy. You can also get this sandwich 'cold.' The spouse's breakfast dish was filled to the brim. I took a couple of bites of the grits - which were nice and creamy - and especially good with pepper added. The biscuit was good and I will plan on ordering the healthy biscuits and gravy on the next visit.

I will mention that the service is slow and if you are in a hurry, then I would plan adequate time and pack your patience. The food overall was good. I only wish the She Crab soup was better. I give Eddie's 3 ghosts for the combined food and service.

There are two Eddie's locations - one near Cotsworld and one in Ballantyne.